Galactus Cards
      The cards were created to give Galactus a little more action in the game, but still keep him random. Drawing the cards really adds to his presence and allows everyone to join in on his actions. The cards do not do a lot of damage, but if they randomly hit at the right time, they can be devastating!

      I also wanted to explain in more detail, why Galactus does not directly attack until round 9. This was mostly decided because of the comic book. Galactus simply stood on a mountain and was left alone until issue #9. This also gave us the perfect opportunity to give Galactus tremendous stats, but he wouldn't kick our butts everytime since we have 8 rounds to beat him down. The cards are based on the actions he used in the comic. The drones could have been much stronger, but I didn't want to over do it. I also didn't want to spend 10 minutes on Galactus every round either.

      Since his stats are so strong, this also forces the actions of the players into the story line of Secret Wars. If no one goes after Galactus, he will most likely kill two people ever round after round #8. This puts tremendous pressure on one of the teams to tackle Galactus during the first 8 rounds in order to lower his stats. This responsibility usually falls on the Avengers since they are the closest. We have seen games in which Galactus has been killed but it took the combined forces of the Avengers and the Wrecking Crew to do it. We have also seen games where Galactus was ignored, and he easily won by killing over 7 characters with his amazing fist of 16 and split damage of 6 clicks on two characters. This is exactly how I wanted this random character to be!

      Card #1: This card mostly is for fun and to slow down any close combat attacks. Since Galactus follows Sentinel rules so anyone can still hit him with ranged attacks due to his enormous size. The Drones are only 10 points each if killed & have three slots of life.

      Card #2: The force blast can be very powerfull since everyone attacking him is on a small mountian top. The edge of the board and the cliff often delivers damage to everyone (even the drones)! Force blast ranges from 7 to 4 spaces for over half of his dial.

      Card #3: This card is my favorite. The heros said "Galactus sicked his cat on us" in the comic. This robot is actually called the Punisher. I didnt make him too strong unless you happen to be standing right beside the gun when he arrives. Click here to see picture of figure and dial.

      Card #4: The most lethal card in the deck! This card allows us to show the power of Galactus and his anger towards any and every team. You are instantly hurting if you are chosen to receive this punishment. This card also represents his vast range. In the comic, Galactus was able to sense Dr Doom in his home ship thousands of miles away and expel Dr Doom back to the surface with just a thought.

      Card #5: This card was created last. I originally only had four cards, but I soon found everyone based their actions on how the cards might hit. I needed more uncertainty with the cards and this was the answer.

      This show the front of the cards. I choose this very mean looking picture from the Marvel universe Handbook. Notice the clinched fists and how I darkened the entire image for a menacing look.

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