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Hobbies (viewing now)

Secret Wars Section
Heroclix is a strategic chess like superhero game & is very fun and challenging. This custom painted set is based on the 1984 Marvel Comic book.

   Praying Mantis:   I have alway been facinated with Praying Mantis's.   In the summer of 2006 I raised several Chinese Mantis's to adulthood.
Massacre Section
This custom painted set is based on the X-Men Marvel Comic book series called "The Mutant Massacre". This custom set is much darker than my other customs.

   Zelda:   Zelda, Twilight Princess was a fantastic addition to long line of Zelda games. by Nintendo
Photos & Customs
This section has large game photographs and several customs not listed in the other sections such as Ultron 1-12, Nimrod, Spider-Woman & Grand Master.

   City Of Heroes:   Online world of super heroes & villians. You live your online life & identity as a Super Hero. www.coh.com by NCsoft.