Overview 4 (4 of 4)    The Healer (that everyone loves to hate)
       Secret Wars has only one healer, and her name is Zsaji.   I made her a powerhouse just like the comic book.   She has an amazing 10 fist and CHARGE.   Yes, what fun, a Charge and then a close combat attack of....Healing.  Her fantastic movement is to represent her ability of getting around her village quickly.   Her fun dial also has Willpower to allow her to heal up to 8 times in a short 12 round game.

    The Healers first fling.
       Zsaji can only heal the heroes and is not included in the hero point total at start of end nor at end of game.  She does however have a point value of 70 points in case the villains manage to kill her & they can then claim the points.  However, there are several limitations on Zsaji.  She is not aloud to leave her village, which is represented by the tan terrain of the map.  This justifies her fantastic movement since she is very familiar with her own village.  She is controlled by the Fantastic Four team and uses action tokens from their allotment.  The Fantastic Four can heal any hero they choose.  This was decided since the Torch was the first to interact with her in the comic & their smaller team has the best chance on sparing an action token for her.

Zsaji - Alien Healer
Cost - 70 points
Range - 0
Targets - One
Team - none

      A lot of people hate the idea of a healer this powerfull.  But it is a fun twist to the game to see how the heroes argue over who deserves the healing & the stress of the Fantastic Four trying to decide how to use their action token allotment.  During our first several games, Zsaji could go anywhere & it was simply not fair.  Having her follow around Thor for example & heal him the entire game was easily abused.  Some games the villains have chased her into hiding & also resulted in some interesting games.  Just because you have a great healer, doesn't mean you'll get to use her!)

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