The Wrecking Crew
      Heres the bunch of em.  I think these figures are the most likely not to be made by Wizkids.  In our Secret Wars games, they all do very well.  They are basically very strong thugs on a board full of heavy heat.  The total of all four fuigures also adds up to 200 points exactly.

      I also created created a TEAM ABILITY for the Wrecking Crew:
   All adjacent members can move together & use only one move action.  Place token on the highest point value member used in this move formation.  All members who move this way must begin & end this movement adjacent to each other.  All four members are not required to take advantage of this ability (optional).

      I made stickers for the above team ability and they turned out really good.  This ability is based on Mage Knights force march.  Also, since they are on the same team as Absorbing Man, he can utilize this ability since he is a Minion of Doom.  They really look fierce when they all come at you with only chip to show for thier movement, leaving all the others fresh to attack.

Thunderball , Bulldozer , Wrecker , Piledriver

Scene set up from the comic book, issue #8 when She Hulk gets her ass kicked!

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