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       Gameplay is the same over all except for the Healer and Galactus which will be in other sections. The three hero teams have 525 points each for a total of 1575 points, and the villians have two teams of 785 points each for a total of 1570 points.

       Each team has 4 actions per round (and option of leadership if available). The game ends after 12 rounds and the winner is the one with the most points. The 12 rounds represent the 12 issues of Secret Wars and specific events will occur on certain rounds ( see Galactus and Fantastic Four for examples ).

       The Wrecking Crew will go first followed by Dr Doom, Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and finally Galactus (again, based on comic book).

Click here for page with SIMPLE LIST on each of the below teams.

      The Wrecking Crew is very fun to play since they have the most characters and the most custom figures too. They get to go first just like in the comic and can easily grab a lot of objects and set the 1st sage for battle. The movement bonus I gave to the crew is also very essential. I also made the Enchantress a flyer, but did not change her dial otherwise. This gives Kang a powerful taxi. If the Avengers ignore Galactus and help the Fantastic Four against the Wrecking Crew, they're dead meat. It is very difficult to win with Wrecking Crew unless Dr Doom comes over and helps. Doc Ock, Lizard and Enchantress are usually picked on first and die quickly.

Kang 190 points Vet
Wrecker 70 points Custom
Bulldozer 50 points Custom
Thunderball 45 points Custom
Piledriver 35 points Custom
Absorbing Man 144 points Custom
Doc Ock 66 points Vet
Lizard 94 points Custom
Enchantress 91 points Uniq
    Total team points = 785
Wrecking Crew's starting point & base on map.
    Eight games = Wins 1 | 2nd 0 | Last 2

      Small Changes:  Enchantress changed to a flyer to represent her ability to teleport people.
      Memorable moment:  Kang is flown over to the village and hits the healer for 4 clicks on the very first action. Kang end up getting trapped in the village by himself for the next 10 rounds fighting off the Hulk and Captain Marvel. Holds his own since Hulk rolls snake eyes when he has a building to drop on him. Kang luckily escapes on round 11 and is able to roll a critical and kill Thing in one hit, which loses the game for the FF.

      Doctor Doom Doctor Dooms team is difficult to use but hard to kill him. If he is used properly, it can be an easy win. If you push too much or lose Molecule Man too quickly, you have no hope at all. This team has no leadership (Doom gets it late in his dial when you wont need it) and only 6 characters. Often, Doom fly's Molecule Man over to the X-Men for an easy kill (Cyclops can be vaporized with one hit)! This is hard to resist, but a mistake. If you fly off with a flyer, your ground troops take too long to catch up. We've seen this way too often, but its fun to watch Molecule Man chew through some people. Wolverine or Colossus usually end up chasing Molecule Man to the death. When Doctor Doom teams up with the Wrecking Crew, it gets ugly. The heroes cant quite penetrate a double team of villains and then the game becomes more like the comic. The vet Doctor Doom is ruthless when placed next to the vet Ultron to mastermind his damage onto (invulnerability soaks damage right up).

Dr Doom 198 points Vet
Ultron 188 points Vet
Volcana 80 points Custom
Titania 85 points Uniq
Molecule Man 160 points Custom
Klaw 74 points Exp
    Total team points = 785
Doctor Doom's starting point and base on map.
    Eight games = Wins 2 | 2nd 1 | Last 1

      Small Changes:  Molecule Man i not a flyer anymore.
      Memorable moment:  Doctor Doom rushes the X-Men on the very first action. Cyclops is killed instantly and for the rest of the game, the X-Men try to run down the back alley to join forces with the Fantastic Four. Since the back alley is hindering water terrain, the X-Men are slaughtered while the only two that reach the F.F is Colossus and Magneto. By the time they get there, the F.F. are gone and Colossus gets surrounded by Doom, Ultron, Molecule Man, & Volcano. Every X-Men except Nightcrawler is killed by Doom.

      The Avengers really have it made most of the game. They begin in the village which is where the healer, Zsaji must stay, but the are also closest to Galactus. This usually means they have the responsibility of weakening Glalactus while the rest of the heroes are getting hammered on. The key decision the Avengers must face is whether to go for the easy win and pick on Galactus the whole game or to go help their fellow heroes. This creates a lot of teamwork and comrawdery and we usually see the Avengers coming down from the Galactus Mountain around round #9 to help clean up the villains. If the villains are doing well The Avengers also do well because of the large number of flyers and their great Team ability of free movement.

Captain America 47 points Exp
Hulk 117 points Exp
Hawkeye 43 points Exp
Iron Man II 117 points Custom
Captain Marvel 38 points Custom
Wasp 19 points Custom
Thor 144 points Exp
    Total team points = 525

Avenger's starting point and base on map.
    Eight games = Wins 2 | 2nd 2 | Last 0

      Small Changes:  Added Avenger ability to Thor & Hulk.  We have made Wasp and Captain Marvel non flyers.  Neither of these characters can really carry anyone in the comics.  I have also made new dials for Wasp and the Hulk (Smart Hulk).  I will try and list the dials later.
      Changes considered:  
      Memorable moment

      The Fantastic Four is a small team but has a lot of strength. The Human Torch is a great taxi for the Thing or SheHulk since he has Running Shot. Unfortunately, this leave Mr Fantastic and x the SheHulk behind to walk on their own. Spiderman and Spiderwoman luckily have leap climb, so they can easily get down from the base quickly. (see map notes for more info on their base). The FF encounter the Wrecking Crew very quickly in the game, so Thing and SheHulk do very well at first. The torch falls quickly and Spiderwoman is hardly any help (as it should be). Two changes are the fact that I gave Mr Fantastic Leadership (as he should) and Spiderman gets a bonus on round 8. If Spiderman is still alive at the end of round 8, the Vet Spidey is replaced with the fully healed Back Costume Spidey (and his chips are removed too!) This really helps since over half the team is dead by round 8 (Spideys wildcard also helps with the FF team ability). His Defend ability cannot be used with the Avengers and X-men.

Mr Fantastic 74 points Exp
Thing 110 points Exp
Human Torch 59 points Esp
She Hulk 110 points Exp
Spider Man 116 points Uniq
Spider Woman II 56 points Custom
    Total team points = 525

Fantastic Four's starting point & base on map.
    Eight games = Wins 0 | 2nd 4 | Last 1

      Small Changes:  Mr Fantastic has Leadership for 3 clicks.
      Memorable moment: After so many games of getting beat by the Wrecking Crew, The FF decide to follow the Avengers & go after Galactus.  The map is so big though, the FF didnt firmly get up onto the mountain until round 6.   Just after the arrive, Galactus Card #2 is drawn and does a forceblast. This forceblast knocks the entire FF off the mountain & into blocking terrain.   FF finishes game by taking out one Galactus foot. They still lost though.

      The X-Men are one of the hardest teams to win with. This is mostly because of there start position and the fact that they go last. I did both of these on purpose, since the X-Men always seem to be the foot soldiers of the series. There job is to slow Dr Doom down in order to give the rest of the heroes time to weaken Galactus. In the comic, it was the other way around a bit (X-Men distracted Galactus until heroes got back from attacking villains). The map really forced their placement. I wanted to have a villain team closet Galactus also, in case they wanted to attack Galactus. So I basically traded the X-mens original spot with the Wrecking Crews spot.. In the long run, it makes for a more interesting game , but still very close to the comic book storyline. Afterall, the X-Men did do several away missions in the early issues on their own.. This allows the other heroes to focus on strategy for Galactus and the Wrecking Crew.

Charles Xavier 59 points Custom
Magneto 80 points Rookie
Cyclops 39 points Uniq
Nightcrawler 83 points Uniq
Storm 52 points Custom
Colossus 79 points Custom
Rogue 57 points Custom
Wolverine Berserker 70 points LE
Lockheed 6 points Custom
    Total team points = 525
X-Men's starting point and base on map.
    Eight games = Wins 2 | 2nd 1 | Last 2

      Small Changes:  Arch enemy bases were ignored on Professor and Magneto. Also added X-Men team ability to Magneto.  Rouge's dial was altered in order to make room for the rest of the team (I'll try and list it later).
      Memorable moment:  Molecule Man gets his sights on Cyclops (which will kill him in one shot with an easy roll of 3) but gets snake eyes instead. Next round Cyclops fires back and Nightcrawler hypersonics in to kill Molecule Man on the 3rd round.

Galactus's Gun 200 points
Galactus's Left Foot 100 points
Galactus's Right Foot 100 points
Galactus's Cat / Punisher 100 points
    Total points = 500

Click here for Galactus page.
Sorry Hulk, size does matter.
    Eight games = Wins 1 | 2nd 0 | Last 1

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