Overview 2 (2 of 4)   The Map
      My favorite part of the game!  I scanned 100% of the map directly from the original 1984 comic books of Secret Wars.  A section below will give a bit more detail on how I did it.  It was very difficult to make but a blast to play on.  It has yet been laminated, but its holding pretty good so far.  The first picture shows how the map was made to be the maximum size that my art desk had to offer, 3foot tall x 7 foot wide.  The different colored sections of the map represent the pacthwork planet made by the Beyonder.  Each section has a base for each team to start on.  Since these photos were taken, black lines have been added around the bases to create elevated bases for each team.   ( Click Here for details on how I made the map )

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      This is the beauty shot of them all. There are three major differneces on this map from a standard map: (1) Starting Bases, (2) Unpassable Mountains, and (3) Galactus's Mountain. All of these differences where created in order to force the game play a bit in the direction of the storyline. The terrain was also carefully formated to create a balance amoung uneven forces.

       (1) Starting Bases: Each section the heroes start on was one of the bases used in the comic (Wrecking Crew just got the turrent from issue #2 since they mostly hung out at DoomBase). I has since added thick lines around all bases to show that they are also elevated building. This gives the teams an elevated advantage if they remain there.

       (2) Unpassable Mountains: A lot of people hate this at first, but the three mountians ranges (dark green, brown, & light tan) can NOT be crossed, NOT even by flyers. This allows seperation of forces and again, forces the game play a bit in the direction of the storyline. It basically allows the X-men and bit of time to prepare for the Doom Army and to prevent the Fantastic Four from imeadiately helping the X-Men. This also protects the Healers village and prevents the Wrecking Crew from helping Doom right away. People eventually like this and we do make an exception for Phasing.

      (3) Galactus's Mountain: Galactus just looked better elevated ! Well, actually, he was on a mountain in the comic book too for almost the entire series. The mountain becomes almost like a seperate battle ground and really adds to the texture of the world. The Galactus Mountain in the corner was just meant to be. That corner has been upraised for almost 5 years (the art desk is actually a bank tellers counter I came across).

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      Nice shot of the Healers village where the Avengers usually hang out. The scene is from issue #5 where Galactus "sicks his cat" on the heros. See Galactus section for more details.

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      This shot is of Magnetos base. This is my favorite and actually the section that started it all. I didn' know how I wanted to make such an odd terrain, so I thought I should just go ahead and scan it.

Click here for lots of boring Corel details.
      Heres a few details on how I made the map. Very difficult to make, but Im so glad I did it.

Click Here for details on how I made the map

      Special objects were also created from the Secret Wars comics.
Comic Town, Westerville Ohio
      Here's a fun picture of the map with a few fellow gamers to show size better.

      Special Hindering markers were made since the map was not clear on what was hindering & what wasnt. This also add some randomness to each games since the hindering tiles can be moved for each game. One style hindering for each section of map.

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