Beyonder Doom
       Just for fun!  Straight from the last page of issue #9, swelled to huge size due to the power of the Beyonder.   This is the figure I pull out when I'm the bad guys and I get beat badly.   You should have seen the look on everyones face when they looked at his dial for the first time.  Yes, those are split powers of Force Blast/Phasing - Energy Explosion/Pulse Wave - WillPower/Invunerability - Probability Control/Plasticity.   We've played him twice.   First time was as part of Dooms team and it was a slaughter.   Second time was after a full battle and the wounded heros were left, Beyonder Doom showed up.   I took a handycap of no Probability Control with only 3damage accross the dial, they cleaned my clock since Reed Richards had Outwit.   Collossus & Thor took him out quick (but after I did two pulse have and hit 9 figures per wave).

Beyonder Doom
Cost - 000 points
Range - Infinity
Targets - One   -  Sentinel Rules
Team - none

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