About Michael
Born: Tampa, Florida
Lives in: Columbus, Ohio
Strives to create.
( Single female artist's please inquire )

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Freelance Illustrator

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   School:   Attended Columbus College of Art & Design & Edison State. I began drawing consistantly since age6 & never stopped.

   Artists:   Frank Miller, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Paul Pope, Nagel, Dale Chihuly, Barry Windsor Smith, & Chuck Jones.
   Music:   Led Zeppelin, Beatles, U2 =Zooropa & Pop, White Stripes, Ray Charles, Pink Floyd, Morphine, Bjork, & Van Halen.

    Animation:   Tom & Jerry, Samurai Jack, Max Fleischer, New Justice League, MTV SpiderMan, & Uncanny X-Men comic since 1984.
   Movies:   Raising Arizona, 5th Element, Star WarsV, S.T. Next Gen, Fight Club, Holy Grail, T2, & all Coehn Brothers movies.

   Ponchot:   pronounced with the T at the end ( it's not a silent T ).  A few generations ago there was two T's in the name: Punchott.